Sparky - Spark's mini scale models

Sparky - Spark's mini scale models

Spark have released a bunch of F1 2022 in the small scale 1:64 under their Sparky banner. 

We have both Red Bulls of World Champion Max Verstappen and his Mexican teammate Sergio 'Checo' Perez. The Silver Arrows of Hamilton and new boy Russell are available too.

The Alfa/Alpha's, Romeo and Tauri, have been released too. The Bottas and Zhou models in their stunning red and white livery, and the Gasly and Tsunoda cars with the very visible AlphaTauri logo's.

Both BWT pink Alpine cars of Alonso and Ocon are in stock too, as is the Aston Martin of Sebastian Vettel.

These small models, or toys if you will, are suprisingly good, given their tiny size. The shapes of the respective cars are very recognisable, like the zero pods on the Mercedes cars, or the distinct airbox blade section on the Alfa Romeos.


For those not having a lot of displaying space, or wanting to start their collection, these are excellent little modelcars at an entry level price. It makes us wanting to be a kid again, and zooming these around on the carpet! They come in a small display case, with a plastic base which makes them pass for a modelcar, and are easily removable from the boxes without having to use a screwdriver.

Check out our 1/64 section for more pictures and info by clicking on the picture below!


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