New Solido F1 1/18 announcements

New Solido F1 1/18 announcements

Whilst we are cooling down from the French GP, we can share the news that Solido has announced a few exciting new F1 2021 models in scale 1/18.

Of course both Alpine A522 cars are in there. Solido faithfully had made all the Enstone team's cars from the 2018 season on, when they were still called Renault. Other teams have now also joined the Solido line up.

Here is the full list of announcements:
-2022 Alpine A522 Esteban Ocon Saudi Arabia GP
-2022 Alpine A522 Esteban Ocon Austrlian GP
-2022 Alpine A522 Fernando Alonso Monaco GP
-2022 Alpine A522 Fernando Alonso Bahrain GP
-2022 Alfa Romeo C42 Guanyu Zhou Canadian GP
-2022 Alfa Romeo C42 Valtteri Bottas Emilia Romagna GP
-2022 McLaren MCL36 Daniel Ricciardo Australian GP
-2022 McLaren MCL36 Lando Norris Emilia Romagna GP


For those who don't know what the quality is like of these models, here is the 2021 Alpine A521 of Fernando Alonso. Price/quality wise these are pretty nice models, not too far away from Minichamps and/or Spark, but for about half the price. These are great for any beginning collector or for anoyone who isn't too fussed about the smallest of details. Not that these Solido's aren't detailed, they even have some features the more expensive models don't even have! We look forward to these! In the meantime, here's a reminder of how last year's Alpine F1 car looks like.

Click on the picture below for more info on this model.

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